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You have urges to do things – Some guys are hard with just the anticipation of wanting to talk to me and hear by hot, erotic, sexy, voice.

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It will be my pleasure to help you get comfortable; and get your cock hard as rock. I know you probably are getting wet and want to hear me moan for you. I want to hear your moans too.

A 30 min erotic phone fantasy sessions to get your cock pumping; is just what you need. Our secret at the Gym and lock room pizza. Delivery no money cock 4 payment. Not your ordinary airport check point screening. Straight acting till I get you alone with me. Guy next door 4 another Guy.

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I have been doing erotic audio for over 15 years and am quite good at it. I once had a guy pre-cumming with just hearing my voice.

Every time he was alone whether he was clothed or not; his balls would slowly pump and a little bit of pre-cum would ooze out. Don’t think you won’t notice within a few hours his shorts were so wet it looked like he pissed. What did he do: Jerk himself off, thought it would stop but I warned him it would not. In fact now got stronger because he tried to relieve himself and this time he was getting his shorts wet within less than an hour. (Please, understand that if you call my Audio line I can’t do a session with you in 1 minute that’s why I block callers as its not gong to give you any benefit.

New Callers: Allow about 30 minutes for fun.

Repeat Callers: Allow about 15 minutes for fun

Great clients that call me often will have fun even more. Many of my clients love to get hard, wet and moan for me and they also love to hear my moan back for them too sometimes.

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If have a question and this creates only an inquiry, I can answer online.

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    Adult erotic stories for men

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    Hey Guys! Let me guide you into a new world! Stay up-to-date with us and follow me!

    Sensual Blowjob from Pizza Guy

    Cock Becomes the Payment (Ding Dong) Cock Becomes the Payment Charlie:           Hey Charlie Tom:               Yes Charlie:           I have your pizza its $12.75 with Tax                      The Pizza is Here Tom:  Sure, come on in and set it down on the table I just have to go upstairs and get my wallet...
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    Hot Guy Spills Drink on Customer’s Shirt.

    Bulges on Hot guys Serving: Hot guy Rum & Cock and Cock Going to the Local Pub: Eddie: Man, what a fucking day at work today; I’m glad its Friday.  I’m going to head over to my favorite pub called “After the Office” for my usual relaxer a Rum and...
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    Plumber Hard Dick in Pants

    Hot guys always have horny hard dicks in their pants and are ready to fuck! Plumber Cleans Pipes Even Ones, not in my house Kitchen Disposal Not Working: Kevin:  Just got up and after breakfast, I went to use the garbage disposal in the sink and it won’t work; Fuck. ...
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    Don’t thick of all the guys crotches you saw today.

    Don’t think about what all the guys today’s dicks might look like.

    Don’t get hard!

    What happened; I bet you thought of a few guys baskets or crotches. Maybe you even saw what their cocks looked like and how hard they were. I don’t think you all stayed soft.

    Experience something New Today:

    Yes you can just masturbate yourself and moan but guys want to feel something much deeper. Many guys wonder about things from the size of a cock, its diameter, size of his balls, how much cum he has up there, and what does a dick feel like up your ass.

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