April 22, 2020

Sensual Blowjob from Pizza Guy

Cock Becomes the Payment (Ding Dong) Cock Becomes the Payment Charlie:           Hey Charlie Tom:               Yes Charlie:           I have your pizza its $12.75 with Tax                      The Pizza is Here Tom:  Sure, come on in and set it down on the table I just have to go upstairs and get my wallet...
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April 13, 2020

Hot Guy Spills Drink on Customer’s Shirt.

Bulges on Hot guys Serving: Hot guy Rum & Cock and Cock Going to the Local Pub: Eddie: Man, what a fucking day at work today; I’m glad its Friday.  I’m going to head over to my favorite pub called “After the Office” for my usual relaxer a Rum and...
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April 5, 2020

Plumber Hard Dick in Pants

Hot guys always have horny hard dicks in their pants and are ready to fuck! Plumber Cleans Pipes Even Ones, not in my house Kitchen Disposal Not Working: Kevin:  Just got up and after breakfast, I went to use the garbage disposal in the sink and it won’t work; Fuck. ...
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March 28, 2020

Shop-Vac Blowjob

Whether your are straight, gay, bi or just curious everyone guy loves to have his cock sucked. Intro: I’m Mike and I just graduated from college last week and so happy to be home again.  This last semester was not easy as I had papers, tests and presentations to do...
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March 26, 2020

Big Cock Crotch Straight

Disclaimer:   You agree to not listen to this file when you are driving, operating machinery or performing any task that requires your 100% attention to ensure safety.  You further agree, that using this file or any other file from on our site you do so by your own free...
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March 26, 2020

Masturbation Tip 2

All Guys Enjoy Jerking Off All guys like to jerk off whether that is rolling your baloney, milking your rod, spanking the monkey, tugging your stick, charming the cobra, using your joystick, yanking your crank, tickling the pickle, teasing the weasel, waxing your rod, whacking off, shinning your pole, buffing...
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March 20, 2020

Milk more on farm gay in college

Looking for a summer job Our semester had just finished up at college and both Chad and I wanted to get a part-time summer job but the only thing we could find is to be helping hands on a local farm.  Chores on a farm for college guys is what...
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March 17, 2020

Blow and Trim at the Barber

My haircut after turning 21 Today was Thursday and I had just turned 21 as my Birthday was so much fun. However, all I kept thinking about was going to the barbershop and getting a haircut tomorrow.  I had gotten hair cuts many times before but tomorrow. Today though I...
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March 5, 2020

Kevin’s first day at High School Found Love

First day at high school for a teenager always brings a lot of new things. However, when you experience it like Kevin’s First Day at High School there is an opening of many new things I just arrived at Freedom High School for my first day at high school and...
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February 20, 2020

Ryan’s First Camping Trip Turned into Fun

Ryan’s first camping trip is just another amazing story to read. However, read it completely and after that, you will surely enjoy. It was just after Thanksgiving and just recently receiving my Scout Rank in the Boy Scouts; I knew it was going be a great next year. I had...
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February 14, 2020

First Gay Experience of Joe during Trip to Phoenix M4M

First gay experience is the title of this story and I am sure you are going to enjoy this. The story may be lengthy but to enjoy fully have the patience to read it. Subsequently, you will come to know that the first gay experience is always something special. It...
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February 7, 2020

Michael’s First Racquetball Class turned into Hot Class

Here, I am with another story about how the racquetball class turned into a hot class. I was a freshman at college and required to take a sports elective as part of the school’s curriculum.  Moreover, I hated gym in high school and although love sports, became extremely worried about...
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