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Hi M4M hot gay curious chat with guys , a straight eight, straight 8 acting alpha male, bi-guy, gay and wanting to explore. What are you packing in your pants right now; I bet your getting horny just thinking about it now. All guys get hot and horny and not hot gay curious chat you have a chance to unleash your manhood in private and your curiosities at home. has a free gay chat section to allow you in talk about what your packing in your pants. Thus this section is just for you guys and men that want to explore their deep inner m4m desires. Are you feeling a little horny right now; then come on over and explore what is your pants and in other guys.

Thinking about another guys crotches; maybe you have checked one out recently. Did he appear to have a bulge down there or was it just the crease of his jeans. Bet you wanted to touch it or at least I’m sure you pictured what that beautiful thick cock looked like naked.

Wondering as you worked out; was he pitching a tent in those shorts or was that is normal regular cock size. I bet you even caught a few glimpses of his shaft while you lifted when he was not watching you.

I bet you have a big load in those balls that you have just been aching to release; sit back relax and let one of the guys help you here online. Let’s face it all guys men think about cock and thus want to be part of hot gay curious chat.

Sitting in your chair you can’t help but ignore the tingle in your groin causing your man meat to expand so those jeans are starting to feel a little comfortable.

Know more about the flow before we get start.

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