Milk more on farm gay in college

Looking for a summer job Our semester had just finished up at college and both Chad and I wanted to get a part-time summer job but the only thing we could find is to be helping hands on a local farm.  Chores on a farm for college guys is what...
March 20, 2020
Chores on farm for college guys
Chad and Mike use this to milk themselves on the farm

Looking for a summer job

Our semester had just finished up at college and both Chad and I wanted to get a part-time summer job but the only thing we could find is to be helping hands on a local farm.  Chores on a farm for college guys is what we will be doing for the summer I guess Chad. The next day Chad and I went to Oakland County Farm in CA not far from where we both lived for our first day of work.  Chad and I both showed up to the farm at 10 AM wearing old jeans and a t-shirt as it was blazing hot in California. We both brought several bottles of water so we would not get dehydrated. In this adventure, you will learn how two guys milk more on a farm having a gay in college experience.

Chores on a farm for college guys

Mr. Fallon the manager and owner of the farm walked us around the property, spending all day learning about all the jobs he wanted us to do on the farm. We started learning how to feed the animals, pick up the animal’s waste and the inside tasks at his production factory. He had a huge farm and an indoor factory that was five times larger than any football stadium I had ever attended.  On his farm, he milked cows, made cheese, pies and so many other things thus this was going to be a busy summer for Chad and I.  But the pay was really good and I could tell Mr. Fallon was the kind of guy that would leave you alone as long as the work was getting done.

Tasks to do on the farm

Three days after we started, Mr. Fallon had finished all the training with Chad and I and Mr. Fallon asked if Chad or I had any questions; we both replied no sir.  Each day there was a list of chores we needed to complete and he told us he would be traveling a lot but was depending on us boys to run his farm and keep his operation as productive as it was or more so.  Then Chad and I started on our first task of the day which was to feed the animals: horses, cows, roosters, and other livestock on the farm.  We had to bring them food, water, clean out their stalls, cages and respective spaces before we could get anything else done and this started now at 5 AM; a lot earlier than are the first day which was 10 AM. 

Gay college guys with huge hard dicks

Chad was a tall guy about 5’9, blond hair, brown eyes, well-built chest, and body.  Thus you could see why it was not easy for us to keep our eyes on our tasks.  We managed to work hard while each of us starred at each other’s crotches.  None of us said anything but we knew each other was looking at the other’s bulge and wondering if it was hard, soft and what it might look like.  Chores on a farm many times while we were unloading and bending made it easy to see the beginning lines of that interesting set of but cracks.

Milking cows with Milker2000

Chad and I just finished milking the cows which we did with this unique type of device that we attached to their utters; pressed a button and in seconds instant milk flows out the tube and into the large tank in the factory.  Chad and I had been working since 5 AM so we were getting quite tired with it now being 1 PM it was time for a break.  However, just before we went to take lunch Mike grabbed another one of the milking devices presumably to put on another cow.  While I was disconnecting the tubes from the values above the milking areas.  Just as I was removing the last hose I feel something pressing against my crotch.  I look down and see Mike was horsing around pretending to milk my cock as he pressed that tube against my jeans.

Soft hard dick gay in college

Hey Chad; I’m horny and would love to milk you.  Not with my mouth buddy, first with this auto milker 2000 said, Mike.  Chad hooked up a hose from the milker 2000 to go to a tube and then to an offline plastic container we had millions of.  Let’s get you out of those jeans Chad, he started to undo his belt.  Mike then unbuttoned his jeans and then quickly unzipped him and to his surprise, he pitched a big hard-on in seconds.  Wow, buddy; you got hard quick; said, Mike. While Mike was unzipping Chad’s pants he quickly felt his hard-on but resisted the urge to play with it.  Next after getting Chad’s pants off, he yanked his underpants down quicker then Chad knew what happened…

Gay guys get on all fours

To make this more fun I would like you to get on all fours; I will be very gentle with your body baby, I don’t want to hurt you. Mike takes some extra rubber to place inside the Milker 2000 sleeve so it’s more comfortable and won’t be so abrasive to Chad’s penis. Chad is already dripping pre-cum and then Mike gently attaches the Milker2000 sleeve to Chad’s penis. How does it feel buddy; said, Mike. It feels a little funny but it’s alright said, Chad.
Chad I’m going to start it slowly; ok are you ready, said, Mike! Yeah, I’m ready but go easy, Mike. Mike turns on the machine and I start to feel the sleeve gently clamp down on my cock.

Then the Milker2000 gently warms the inside of the sleeve which took a few minutes and it felt nice. Just as I was enjoying the warm sensation against my penis shaft I then started to feel these gentle like fingers going up and down my dick. I then started to moan; as my balls began to tighten up. Shall; I make it go a little faster Chad; sure Mike just a little. Then Mike speed it up and the fingers rubbed faster up and down my shaft I felt like I was going to cum.

Sexy hot gay college

Within a second I felt my hard cock hitting the sides of the Milker2000 and yea I started to cum, , fuck,, mmmm, ah,, mm,,,,o fuck, mmmm, ooohhhhh,,Mmmmm,,ahhhh, yes, yes.  Then as I stopped cumming I noticed all my cum that collected in the bottle along the side.  Next, the Milker200 went into a gentle massage mode and this time I thought I was done.  The machine was able to do this three more times and making me cum each time.

Milk my cock gay college

Ok, big boy; let’s milk your cock Mike; sure.  Chad quickly ripped off Mike’s clothes and when he got to his underwear his dick was fucking rock hard.  Then Chad yanked Mike’s underpants down and asked him to get on all fours on the floor.  You guessed it Chad then attached the Milker2000 to Mike’s hard thick dick.  The same process happened; when chad turned on the machine it took a few minutes to heat the sleeve to make it warm and comfortable. Getting milked on a farm is one of the chores on a farm for college guys we love to do.

Cock Massage M4M

Oh man, that feels nice Chad; said Mike as it was only warming his cock.  Then as he started to relax and enjoy it he felt the fingers gently go up and down bringing him a whole set of moans ahhhhh,mmmmmm,,o, fuck Chad,  ohh,,ohhhhhh, ahhh,mmmmmm.  Next, my stick started to tighten and balls started to move gently as they began to pump.  Within a few seconds, I saw the cum in the tube and felt this immense pleasure in my penis as the Milker2000 milked me.  Just then it stopped and started again milking me three more times after gently massing the penis to relax it a little. 

Sexy gay guys dry from milking

Chad and I were dry from being milked by the Milker2000 but were still so
horny so we each sucked each other off.  We didn’t get any cum out of our
cocks but we felt the intense dry orgasm feeling.Immediately after this we quickly sterilized all the Millker2000’s cylinders
as we did every day and Mike and I split the mixed cum from the milking and had it with our sandwich.  Oh so yummy; we have to do this again Chad, said Mike; yea Mike your right. Eating lunch and doing chores on a farm for college guys can make any guys cock hard as a rock.l

We just finished our lunch and we still had fifteen minutes before we had to
get back to work. 

Hung college guys use a condom

Thinking what I’m thinking Chad; yup Mike:  Let’s strip and have a
quick fuck before we continue our chores on the farm.   Each of us
quickly stripped: puts on a nice lubricated condom and then I stick my thick
wet cock up Chad’s ass as I held him to the wall.  Quickly after it I gently
push Chad to the floor and sit on his thick erect cock; going up and down.

Gay college guys get milked dry this has to make you horny.

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