First Gay Experience of Joe during Trip to Phoenix M4M

First gay experience is the title of this story and I am sure you are going to enjoy this. The story may be lengthy but to enjoy fully have the patience to read it. Subsequently, you will come to know that the first gay experience is always something special. It...
February 14, 2020
First Gay experience at Airport
The screening at Airport turns into the first gay experience and deep cock screening

First gay experience is the title of this story and I am sure you are going to enjoy this. The story may be lengthy but to enjoy fully have the patience to read it. Subsequently, you will come to know that the first gay experience is always something special.

Joe’s first trip to Atlanta a Pat Downturns into a Private Intense Strip Search

It was a snowy, Icey, cold winter in New York City and although my head, face, hands, and body were warm. However, I couldn’t say the same for my feet.  They were so cold I could barely even feel the toes in my shoes. Moreover, The limo arrived 15 minutes earlier than scheduled which is what they are accustomed to do. Thus I expected they would do the same today as well. 

As soon as the driver loaded my luggage in the trunk; I made myself comfortable in the black, leather, roomy back seat. Anxiously; awaiting the warm weather in Phoenix, AZ; where I was flying into.  Thus, I turned on the TV to see what the forecast would be for the next few days. I heard the weather was currently pleasant warm, sunny, 72 degrees. Hence I couldn’t wait until the plane arrived in Arizona.  Moreover, It’s not like I hated NY but I was just tired of all this cold and the countless snow storms we kept having. 

After arriving at the Airport, Porter took my luggage and I proceeded to the security checkpoint.  I travel a lot; so, consequently, I know the drill; however, I always choose to have a manual pat-down as the Radio Wave Security Screening Scanners aren’t that friendly to our individual health.  The lines were not that bad and all I kept hearing from the Security Personnel was to “Empty your pockets and remove your Jackets coats, belts, shoes, and laptops from their bags” like a track that you just can’t get out of your head. 

However, Most of the people understood what they were asking for and others seemed to just not get it. I felt that they should have a training class for those that have never flown before or don’t comprehend this simple set of tasks.  However, after I removed my coat, items from pockets, belt, and shoes; I placed them into plastic bins.  My laptop was in a Security Friendly Laptop bag; Therefore, I only had to unzip it and place it on the belt with the other plastic bins. 

Since; I already told you that I don’t like going through the Scanners. Moreover, it is one of my rights to request an opt-out. Which I did, and means that I would be patted down by security a professional to ensure that I was not carrying anything that could be harmful or disruptive to the flight.  Therefore, I informed one of the security officers by saying “Male, Opt-Out” and was told to wait on the side for someone.

Within about 15 minutes a guy who was about 6 FT Tall, brown eyes, blond hair and a chest that indicated he worked out several times a week was going to be the screening security officer. Moreover, He had a dark blue shirt on, official badge, beige pants, tan belt, tan shoes and he opened the gate for me to pass through. He then asked me which bags were mine so he could pick them out and carry them to the screening area with us. Also, he explained that he would slide his hands from the bottom of my legs each up until he hit resistance.

Furthermore, he said he would use the two figures to go around the inside of my waistband from the back and also the front.  Next, he told me he would not use his palms to pat me down and instead of using the back of his hands when he goes to sensitive areas like the groin and buttocks area.

After explaining all; he asked if I had any sensitive areas or recent injuries which I answered no. Moreover, Immediately after that, he asked me if I would like a private screening which I said no; here is just fine. However, the officer was only a few years younger than me and quite hot I may add.  He asked me to stand on the mat with my feet spread apart and he started the screening procedure. 

He started from my arms, then back; his hands felt nice, to be honest; then using the back of his hands by my but area. However, just as he stuck his two fingers in my side of my waistband, as a result, I felt my cock starting to get a little hard. But I paid no attention as he finished going from my left side waist around my back to my right waist. Moreover, then he took his fingers and did the same from the left waist going around the front to my right waist.

Meanwhile, my dick started to grow even more; Fuck I can’t be hard during a security screening. Subsequently, he takes his hand and presses on my inner left leg as he slid them up till he met resistance. Eventually, my cock was really hard now but thankfully it was just laying on its side in the jeans I was wearing.  Jeans’ all have a little raised area in the crotch area as its part of the design and thus didn’t draw too much attention to it; whew.  Then he did the same to the other leg but just after he felt resistance and my balls started to tingle; oh shit I’m getting excited with this guy patting me down. 

I thought we were all done, said to my self. Now as he was about to take the back of his hands and check my crotch, Oh Shit, I’m fucking hard as a rock. Most importantly, I can’t hide this. I hope he won’t be a dick about this. While patting the area down, my hard dick felt the back of his hands touch it. I got even more excited. Then as he went up and down a few times as he was supposed to do I felt my balls touch the back of his hand. 

He said nothing and just scanned my laptop with a swab and then told me my luggage is all clear but I’m not.  I said, “What are you talking about”. He replied, “we need to take you in the back for a more in-depth screening as it appears you may be concealing a weapon”. Meanwhile, he grabs my bags and asks me to follow him to a security-office in the backroom. However, in this room, there are no security cameras which seemed strange.

He closes the door and locks it including a deadbolt as well. Moreover, he then asks me to please remove my shirt. I comply with no issues and he pats down my T-Shirt finding no weapons or items that are disallowed. Next, he asks me to please remove my T-Shirt. Again, I do as he said, however, he rubs his hands not the palms up and down my smooth body and hairy chest very slowly while standing behind me. My member is not only getting harder but also starting to drip a little precum, oh Fuck, I just want to get out of here and get on my plane. I was thinking in mind whether this is going to be my first gay experience.

After that, he asks me to undo my belt and snap. I said “What”. He replied you heard me undo your belt and unbutton your pants. But I said “NO”; this is bullshit I have a plane to get on. However, telling me to undo my belt and snap one more time and after I said no; he just does it. I said, “What the fuck are you doing”. A full strip search; as I have reason to believe you have a weapon on you.  He does the two-finger search inserting his two fingers into the back waistline of my underwear and sliding them around 360. Ok, can I go now?  But he replies not Yet buddy. He then takes his right hand and sticks them down my jeans without even unzipping me. I feel them grab my shaft.

He then pulls my jeans off, as a result, I was naked. Then he puts on another pair of gloves. However, this time they are the medical kind. He tells me to get up on the table and kneel while keeping my two hands above. So I’m on all fours. What the fuck are you doing here?  Moreover, I also fancied here my first gay experience. He told me that he suspects I have a weapon on me or contraband.  Slowly he pulls down my plaid boxers to my knees and my dick is now starting to drip.  He takes his finger and slowly pushes up my asshole; then two fingers and he goes deep.  Next, I notice he is probing and hitting my prostate every time that finger goes in.

Just then he said here it is I found the fucker; its right here.  I got you red-handed and you could be in some serious trouble travelling with that.  He reaches out and shows me a bag of narcotics.  He said that was up in your ass; so now what do you have to save for yourself.  I said this is bullshit; I didn’t have any bag like that on me; you are a liar. Well, then Joseph; I suggest you do what I say or you’re going to have to spend the night in our Security Holding area till the Nationals Come for you. 

He then told me to roll over; shut up and the whole thing will be over before I know it if I cooperate.  My rod was already very Hard and wet and judging from him; his dress pants were pretty wet in the crotch area too.  I could also see that he had a big member in his pants and fuck now I wanted to see it.  Inside me, I was amazed for the first gay experience. He bowed down in front of me as soon after felt his warm, wet, slippery tongue bathing my cock and balls. Next, he took my whole 8” firm, wet, thick, hard, erect shaft all the way down his throat; and I moaned more than I ever have in my life. This first gay experience was going to be an amazing thing.

He started to go up and down on my shaft, slipping in and out of his warm wet mouth first slow then fast.  With each slide, I moaned more and more and now his crotch was really hard.  I reached out to touch it; grabbing and groping his balls and cock gently.  Then I undid his black dress belt, next unbuttoning the top of his pants.  With this, he sucked faster and faster.  I glided his zipper down all the way stick my finger behind it to feel how hard he was. And boy was he ever. 

Within a few seconds, his zipper was down and his pants just fell to the floor.  He leaned into the table and I licked the outside of his jockeys which had a few wet spots on them which as soon as I tasted them I knew what they were delicious yummy, precum.  Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. An amazing the first gay experience.

Now I didn’t waste any more time I pulled his jockeys right now as he continues to suck on my beautiful love rod in my crotch making me moan so hard between my breathing.  Fuck, Yea; he has a nice rod, Hard, wet, thick, juicy 7” cock, and medium balls.  I proceeded to lean in as I gently sucked on the tip of his penis in tiny circles till I heard him moan. Next, I took my tongue and he guessed it I used my tongue to tickle his man slit in his penis. 

By this time I got a nice tiny stream of precum that just gently dripped into my mouth as I help it under his beautiful man precum faucet.  I licked on his balls and cock rod and more started to drip so I put my head under to catch the fountain of yummy precum now no longer dripping but flowing into my mouth. It turned into really wonder the first gay experience.

I sucked him off an on between and as for him and I were moaning so hard we both knew it was time; so we each sucked each other deeper and harder till we immediately cummed in each other’s mouth.  Fuck that was a good first gay experience I replied; Sure was Joe. 

Now I have a confession; I knew you liked cock just as much as me so I brought you here to play.  I do this with all the guys who pop one or get a little wet. How did you know I would play. I watched you stare at my cock and face it I was making you hard; so I figured I had a good shot with you.

Hey Joesph; I’m Mark and I love getting a good cock at the Airport.  Let me know when you are flying next time and I will make sure you fail the screening and have to come back here for a more invasive screening.  Next time maybe you will let me fuck you.  Sure, replied Joe.  I get lot’s of guys here the Gay, Straight (8) Acting, & Bi.  The Straight Guys it’s a little harder to play with but I’m usually successful.  How do you do that; with their girlfriend or wife travelling?

Simple;  I get pictures of all the people flying a day or two before; age, gender, etc and I simply make sure that I give the girlfriend, wives, etc a free meal or a 100 voucher to shop at the Airport and say they won it as being our something number flyer this day or this week.  Most of the time they are so tickled pink; they take it and they have hours before the flight till they ever reconnect with their partner.  Oh,’ I see; pretty easy. 

Well, most of the time Joe it is but some are clingier than saran wrap to food and they’re more difficult.  Half of the time I don’t get them because the girl won’t let their men go for then the time general screening takes.  When I tell them they need to step in the backroom for a private more through the screening I get one of two probable situations when it won’t work for me.

The guy definitely wants it but she gets all hypo controlling and thus asks to speak to my supervisor, airport Sr Security Boss, The Police.  Thus, when that happens; I just tell them to wait for a second; it may be a machine issue let’s try it one more time.  And to their surprise, I made it pass him and he leaves but I do keep his name and when he is flying alone I try to get him the.

A few weeks ago this happened and the following week the guy was flying alone. Thus; I pulled the same thing I did with you; he was more than willing to take his clothes off, his underwear, suggest a cavity search.  Then once I knew he wanted to play; I presented my crotch in front of his face while still clothed and presto; he unzipped and sucked it.

Wow, Mark; That’s Kool.  If you want to call me next time you are flying. I can make sure you get the same service as today. Moreover, if I’m out I’ll get you someone else.  What do you mean?  Well, that’s what’s really Kool; there are 20 of us that work at this airport for Security Screenings. But 5 of them let’s just say will be the ones that will make sure you fail if they think you are hot looking.  Thus, I just tell them we have someone travelling and make sure he gets the MaleVIP+ treatment.  What about other airports; we have you covered there too.  Just tell me what airport you will be at and I will make sure that the team handles your screening.

Awesome; Joe you got lucky today; you had a ten per cent chance of catching one of us today.  The other guys don’t play. It takes us a long time to know if we can trust someone. Because we don’t want to lose our job.  To be initiated into the group; we ask them questions. Who they date? We watch their eyes if we bump one these guys in the crotch by accident we apologize.  If they say no problem;  that’s ok but if they give us a hard time then we know we can’t trust them.

I’m flying out of Atlanta next week on Monday morning at 6 AM; sure that will be Chris.  He is great but he is a lot rougher than me. Also, he will handcuff you, take you the back room, tie your hands and feet.  He plays around a little; then he will just take your clothes off and if you’re not ready you better me; he will have his cock in your but if you open it up after he blows you.  Oh, Fuck; yea you will like Chris, and he has a nice Cock that is 9” long and pretty thick.

Thanks, Mark; you probably should be getting to your gate as your plane leaves in an hour.  Thank!  Thank-you Joe! So, this all about my first gay experience.

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