Michael’s First Racquetball Class turned into Hot Class

Here, I am with another story about how the racquetball class turned into a hot class. I was a freshman at college and required to take a sports elective as part of the school’s curriculum.  Moreover, I hated gym in high school and although love sports, became extremely worried about...
February 7, 2020

Here, I am with another story about how the racquetball class turned into a hot class.

I was a freshman at college and required to take a sports elective as part of the school’s curriculum.  Moreover, I hated gym in high school and although love sports, became extremely worried about the thought of having to be around several guys my age in the locker room or even in a game. It was just after the Christmas and New Year holidays and I had just returned to my college campus the Sunday before my second semester was going to start.  After finishing my unpacking, I decided to go to the cafeteria for some dinner. Hence, I brought my food to the cashier, paid for it and just after that split-second, out of the corner of my eye, I saw this guy with blond hair, blue eyes, across the dining room.   

Hot class of racquetball
Thinking about sucking his cock? Racquetball class which turned into a hot class

This was Sean a student in my Differential Equations class and someone I hardly said much too.  Moreover, I remember the only thing I ever said to him was what’s going to be on the test and can I borrow your notes he lost me weeks ago.  Consequently, I couldn’t help but notice how athletic his body was wearing that plaid button-down shirt.  As a result, my eyes quickly followed those beautiful buttons all the way down till they stopped at that brown, leather, weaved belt.  Nonchalantly, I just was barely able to see the button holding his blue denim jeans together. Fuck; he’s hot and I want this in my hot class of fantasies.

Further, moving my eyes down, I got a glimpse of his crotch which was definitely not flat and wondering if he was soft or hard right now. After, I arrived at the first available empty table, placed my tray, sat and then I felt the tiniest tingle in my balls. Because Sean approached the table and asked if he could sit. Of course, I said yes. But just then the twinge in my balls started to get a little bit stronger.  Then he asked me if I’m taking Digital Fundamentals this semester with Mr Green. Yeah, I am, it is necessary for my Engineering degree, are you?  Moreover, he told me he was taking it too and said I could borrow his notebook anytime. I imagined it a hot class now.  Thus, he would tell me what to prepare for on the test.

Consequently, with every second we sat. I heard the words he was saying, but I didn’t think I was really listening. However, I keep thinking about whether he had a big cock and does it get wet.  How it would be a hot class along with him. What I really want to know is, will I get to see his big fuck rod and his naked ass soon. Then he said he had to go as he had an early class, but in my mind a hot class, and then he stood up. 

It was easy to get a quick birdseye look at his crotch and I saw the shape of his cock through the jeans, fuck he is big.  Meanwhile, Sean stood up and said he would see me tomorrow.  My first class later hot class of sex was Racquet Ball at 10 AM. So, I headed over to the sports complex and you guessed it my heart was racing faster than any first placed horse runner I ever saw.

I arrived at the Sports Complex at 9:30 AM, checked in with the front desk, and walked to the Men’s Locker Room with my duffel bag.  Meanwhile, just then I saw Sean as he walked into the men’s locker room. Also, he told me he signed up for the racquetball class too. Once again the thought of hot class came in my mind. I never shared that I was even in the class.  He had on a green and white vertically striped shirt and a pair of jeans that hugged his crotch so nice; fuck he is hot. Also, he will make it a hot class, I thought.

Oh, shit he is in this class; he is going to get undressed in front of me; oh, fuck he’s hot.  Nah; he will probably go in the back and not be anywhere near me so the thought of him getting naked around me; will probably never happen.  Meanwhile, I go to the very far back corner so I can take off my dress without anybody watching me and shielding my eyes from any hot men in their underwear that may arrive. 

After that, I put my bag down on the bench in front of the locker I am going to use. Then open the locker door and hang my coat and scarf up.  Next, I take off my shoes and put them up on the shelf above my jacket. As I try to get my heart rate to come down from all the nervousness I was feeling.  The thought of a hot class with him was making me restless.

Then I take off my green wool sweater and as it’s covering my eyes while I lift it over my head.  Next, I hear a bag drop down pretty close to mine; shit, I wonder who that is now; I say to myself.  That heart of mine begins to race faster as my sweater comes off and my eyes catch the sight of two beautiful eyes and it is Sean. Later, the hero of my hot class.

Moreover, as he says hello and that twinge in my groin happens again. Next, I unbutton my shirt trying not to be distracted by Sean’s incredible hairy chest, the hero of my hot class.  I could see through his V-Neck even before he got his shirt off but my rod was not dry.  Next, he finished unbuttoning his shirt, more hair exposed as he takes off his t-Shirt and I can’t help but feel my cock starting to grow. 

For instance, I look away and turn to my left as I unbuckle my belt and top snap of my pants.  Just as I’m about to slide my zipper down I catch a mirror out of my right eye and it’s just perfect in a line to give me a real treat.  I see Sean, my hot class boss, undoing his belt, unsnapping his button; fuck I want to just go over there and yank his pants down but I know I can’t.  Moreover, I want his big throbbing thick dick, and I’m sure it’s got to be just as hairy as his chest.

My zipper comes all the way down and with that, I noticed a small tiny wet spot on my jockey briefs.  However, no one would ever notice; its smaller than the size of the pinpoint of a needle. Similarly, his pants came off and I’m able to see through that mirror he wears jockey white briefs just like me.  I put on a pair of shorts and a t-Shirt, as I try to see if I can see his cock through his underwear. 

But I can just about see the head of his shaft and the beautiful bulge from his balls.  I bend down to tie my sneakers and can’t help but notice a quick flash of his balls when he puts each leg up; fuck they are big and hairy too. MMMMM, yum I want Sean’s cum.  Meanwhile, I can just picture myself sucking on his big rod and slurping on that wet shaft as he would probably moan.  I don’t even know if he likes guys, maybe I’m just wasting my time; doesn’t hurt to dream. I was thinking will he turn my sports class into a hot class.

After that, we both grabbed our Racquet Balls (the ones we use for the game), and a bottle of water and off to class. We go its about 9:55 AM and just 5 minutes till class starts. However, all the other guys came earlier than we did and were already by the courts waiting for the instructor.  There were ten Courts and he splits us up into groups of two as we were playing singles. 

First, he spends ten minutes going over safety; the rules and how to keep score.  During this, I was hoping to get Sean as my partner but no such luck; the instructor tells me I’m with Mark and we are in court ten.  Thus, I walk to court ten, take the cover off my racquet and put my safety goggles on.  Just then the door closed; I figure he is just another guy taking the class and just as I turn around. Fuck; he was gorgeous.  5-8 just a little shorter than me, bubble but, smooth skin, a six-pack stomach I could see through his shirt that’s how a fit this guy was.  The instructor tells us to start; so, I didn’t get a chance to check out the rest. But I’m sure I’ll do that later or when I have to refill my water bottle. 

However, he serves and within seconds it seemed but was fifteen minutes and the game was over and tied.  We both leave the court to get some more water as we had been drinking it all game. Our bodies are now dripping with sweat.  Yes; you guessed it I could see that six-pack and tight abs very clearly.  Not to mention that below his t-shirt he was wearing a pair of shorts. And after playing I could not only see that perfect shape of his slightly erect cock in full detail. But also his balls and pristine cock head.  However, mine was pretty visible too, except it was getting a little wet down there. But no one could tell the difference between sweat, piss or drips of precum around my head.

After that, our instructor said wait; we have one more game as we had now played on three teams already. And there was one more to go before class was over.  Similarly, Sean’s sweat was dripping all over his body by now. And just as much as mine if not more so.  Sean said we are so wet you wouldn’t know. If we are just sweating pissed in our shorts or dripping precum.  I laughed but after the game, he said there is just one way to know what it really is; it all looks the same. 

I chuckled it off and Sean asked if I would play one more game with him. I agreed after class and I did.  The other students had gone and now I felt the twinge in my balls again. But even stronger than the last time.  Not only that; it felt like my cock was slowly getting hard.

The game was over and Sean kicked my ass this time and was tired.  We got down to the locker room and no-one was there. Because it is a Monday and everyone was in class.  My muscles were a little sore so Sean suggested to go into the dry sauna to revive my joints.

After taking off my socks; I took his advice and went into the dry sauna; which had the dimmest light you could barely see anything but the door and the number of people in there if any.  After being in there for a few minutes; Sean enters the sauna and said you know there is only one way to tell whether you pissed in your shorts, your sweating or precumming.  What are you talking about?  He said “Michael; relax, lean back, close your eyes if you want; it many help and trust me I got this”  Not sure what he is talking about and I did what he said as my muscles were still a little sore. 

Within a few seconds, it got even darker in there; so, it didn’t matter whether I closed my eyes at all.  Suddenly I felt this wet, warm, gentle, tongue licking the outside of my shorts where my wet spots were.  Sean puts his hand on my right leg and says “Michael; I got some bad news” What I replied.  Michael says” It’s not sweating buddy or piss its precum.

He proceeds to gently suck all the sweetness of my precum off the top my shorts and as he does my member starts to grow. 

Michael; yes Sean; I would like to taste it from the source May I.  I replied sure!  Before I could finish the word my shorts were off and I felt the smooth sanded wood against my naked but. He asks me to lean back all the way, and gently open my legs.

He takes his left hand and gently caresses from my feet to thighs as I began to slowly moan. By this time, I’m harder than a rock and my cock is taller than the largest remote you probably have.

He takes his warm, wet, slippery, tongue and begins to slowly tease my balls with it. Next, he takes his right hand, grabs my rod. And slowly inserts his tongue into my piss slit driving me up a fucking wall. He is now rolling his fingers around my head like it’s a knob and yes, more Precum comes out

Fuck, fuck, fuck Sean. Open up your legs a little wider buddy.

I can’t help but notice how his shaft gets so fucking hard in his shorts. I began to take my feet and feel his shaft. Then I laid completely down and yanked his shorts and underpants off in one swoop with my two feet.

Next, I grabbed his dick with my feet gently rolling it and making it so very wet.

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