Kevin’s first day at High School Found Love

First day at high school for a teenager always brings a lot of new things. However, when you experience it like Kevin’s First Day at High School there is an opening of many new things I just arrived at Freedom High School for my first day at high school and...
March 5, 2020
First at high school
first day at high school is always exciting and when experience a gay activity then it is ice on the cake

First day at high school for a teenager always brings a lot of new things. However, when you experience it like Kevin’s First Day at High School there is an opening of many new things

I just arrived at Freedom High School for my first day at high school and classes and it was a little daunting with all these new kids and not knowing what the fuck I’m doing or going to do. However, at 8:30 AM homeroom period started and we stood for a moment of silence, recited the pledge of allegiance and then we heard the daily announcements.  The morning seemed to fly by like nothing and thankfully it was time for lunch.  Our school had three lunch periods and today mine was at 11:30 AM which couldn’t have happened sooner as I was starving. Moreover, the first at high school was not yet looking good for me.

Just after lunch, I headed to the men’s room just like I usually did in grammar school to unload the tank before my next class.  Therefore, I proceeded to the urinals; no one was around, hence I unzipped my pants, held my dick and peed. But just in the middle of my peeing two upperclassmen came in.

What do we have here said Mark and Tom who were Seniors? What Guys? I think we have a new guy around here; said, Mark and Tom.  Should we show him what we do to new guys at this school on their first day at high school; replied the Seniors.  Look guys I don’t want any trouble; I just came to piss; said, Kevin. 

So, you don’t want trouble on your first day at high school Kevin; then you better do what we say remarked the Seniors.  After that, I find myself being grabbed by the neck gently and pulled away from the urinals.

What the fuck are you doing guys? After that, my hands were taken behind my back and tied quicker than I could get my next breath out.  Moreover, Mark undoes my belt; pants snap and yanks my pants and underwear down.  Growing with more anticipation and anxiousness by the minute I try to relax but suddenly my cock becomes hard as a rock.

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Hey Mark; it looks like we have another one speaking to Tom.  We have ourselves a hot, cute, horny boy toy this year. Moreover, we also have found him on his first day at high school.

A what; guys said, Kevin.  You heard us; a horny play toyboy who is going to do exactly what we say; every fucking word.  All I wanted to do was take a piss and get back to class but was not expecting this.  However, now I was thinking that something is going to happen on my first day at high school.

Moreover, suddenly Tom gropes my balls and penis from behind and my dick is getting even harder.  While Mark; turns me around and quickly undoes his belt, unsnaps his pants, unzips his pants and pulls out his cock.  Alright, Kevin; get on your fucking knees and suck my cock now; said Tom.  I kneel to the floor and then just stare at his cock.  What the fuck is your problem Kevin; suck my fucking dick remarked Tom. After that, Mark; pushed my neck and head till I was all the way down on his cock. That’s it, now suck it up and down Kevin till I tell you to stop; remarked the seniors.

Oh, yea Kevin from now on you will refer to Mark and I as you master and will answer yes sir to anything we fucking want.  Do you understand Kevin; yes?  No, its yes sir, now try it again, as a result, “yes, sir; stated Kevin.

During this my mouth felt this warm wet rod enter as I sucked it up and down all the way to the balls as they kept hitting my chin.  Stand up now; yes sir but keep sucking me and don’t stop.  As I continued to suck that beautiful, long, thick, juicy, cock in my mouth, however, I thought I was safe with all they were going to do to me.  After that, I feel Mark’s cold finger; gently slide up my but; Ahh, I moan. He pressed it in deeper now hitting my prostate with every push; while he makes clockwise circular motions in my ass and my cock is now dripping with precum.

Moreover, within a few minutes, I feel this incredibly warm sensation on the head of my penius; As a result, I start to moan. Are you enjoying me sucking your cock Kevin; remarked Mark?  Yes, Sir; said Kevin.

After that, Mark starts to lick the tip of my cock and start gliding up and down on it from the very top to the base of my rod.  He would lick my piss slit every time while then quickly gliding his tongue and mouth down my shaft faster each time. Moreover, with each glide, I moaned more and more and could barely stand this anymore.  Within a few seconds, I now felt my balls starting to tingle as I get closer, therefore, I now suck on Tom’s dick faster and more intensely. 

I begin to moan, ah, ah, ooh, ahh, mmmm, mmm, mmmm, mmm, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm as my dick started to pump more precum up my shaft.  I feel Tom’s mouth sucking me so intensely now; I’m gonna cum remarked Kevin.  That’s what I want Kevin your sweet delicious cum in my mouth; shoot it for me, short it for me now; said Mark.

While Tom, begins to suck even faster, I feel this intense pleasure of my cock pumping its sperm up my shaft and out.   Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me, ahh, yah, mmmm..  Within seconds Mark shoots his load into my mouth and I swallow it.

After that, Mark said bend over Kevin; yes sir. I feel Mark’s still hard cock entering my virgin ass hole as he thrusts in and out of me while holding me over one of the bathroom sinks. This get’s intense now that my cock is starting to get hard again and as he thrusts one last time I feel my self cumming again and into Tom’s mouth there just in time to suck it up.

Then Kevin; zip up and get back to class now.  The next time we need your service you will be told to meet us in a bathroom or some other place and you will be there.  Yes, Sir. As I zip up, button my pants, buckle my belt, walk out of the men’s room and back to class I can’t help but wonder when and where will the next time be.

Just getting back to Geometry class; it was like no-one ever knew I left or said anything.  I didn’t know how that was possible since it had to be over an hour I was gone. 

The next day I attended class, used the men’s room, had lunch, walked the halls and passed Mark and Tom several times but nothing crazy other than a hey or hello.  A few more days passed and I was just wondering what happened; maybe it was a one-time thing; who knows oh well.

Then that Friday night I went to our School’s first football game and I was a fullback which was incredible since we annihilated the other team at 42 to 0; which was a complete shutout.  Then one of my teammates said that the coach wanted to see me after I got showered and changed.  However, thinking nothing of it; I returned to the locker room, took a shower and changed.  Did you see coach; some of the players said different things:  I think he left already, I saw him in his office, try his office, which wasn’t abnormal since the coach was in and out a lot. I went to the coaches’ office but the lights were out and the door was locked.  Seeing another teammate; did you see coach?  One of the seniors said yea; he is backstage putting away some equipment.

After that, I go backstage the lights are very dim; coach are you there.  No’ one answers and I start to walk away and then from behind the black curtain and someone grabs me by the chest.  What the fuck?  Hello Kevin?  Mark and Tom; shit.  Nice playing out there today; you made us really proud of you.

Take your clothes off; I pause in that I’m surprised to see them.  You have five seconds to get them off, or we will take them off you; this isn’t fucking kindergarten here. Thus I start to unbutton my shirt slowly; we said now, Kevin.  Then within a second later I feel Mark and Tom’s hand’s unbuttoning my shirt, yanking it out of my jeans, unbuckling them, unsnapping my jeans and then unzipping them. They didn’t stop till they had by fucking Jockey T-Shirt off and by Jockey Briefs off.  My cock was rock hard and standing at attention.

Tom and Kevin put me into a chair and sucked my cock and balls driving me so fucking crazy.  I can’t help but look at their big bulges in their jeans.  Next, I unzip each of their sexy, hot jeans to get to their probably wet bulging underwear.  Then they put me on a mat while each of them sucks my cock areas; I see their big bulges in their underpants and quickly yank them down to expose their oh so fuckingly big massive cocks, already starting to drip with precum; being in the sixty-nine position; I take turns to suck Tom and Mark’s Cocks. 

They seemed a lot nicer to me this time once they knew that I wanted to please their cocks. 

Next, as they were both getting close I put both Tom and Mark’s cocks in my mouth and sucked them intently.  Within a few moments, it wasn’t long till we all started to moan as the beginning the journey of our cum had started to travel form our balls, up to our shafts and then out to our eagerly awaiting mouths.  Having one delicious load in my mouth was intense but two cocks cumming in your mouth at the same time. I was waiting for my ass to be fucked but Tom and Mark said they have to go.

Hey guys one question as we are all putting our clothes back on and zipping up our jeans; how come nobody missed me when I got back to class; it was over an hour I was gone the other day.  Oh, yea that’s a little trick we have with the principal and staff.  You see we will only call you when he is doing student meetups, and reviews said, Tom and Mark.  Why?  Let’s just say we have friends in management.  When we want to grab someone, we send them, another message gets sent to the teacher or moderator that there is a review conference setup for that student and they never challenge that. 

I think you are going to do ok with us this year.  Oh and if anybody bothers you just let us know; we will take them and do somethings that will make sure they never do it again. What do you do to them?  Oh, it’s usually those pompous straight guys that look down on us curious/gay guys.  We call them to the bathroom just like with you but since they are a little more resistant we usually have to tie them up tighter or handcuff them.  Then besides taking their pants, down, sucking their rods, fucking them, having them suck us, we do something that gets them to cooperate.  While we are sucking, being sucked and fucking we take pictures of them in the act and we simply tell them that if they cause any more shit it will be sent to any past/present girlfriends.  

After that, they are even more willing to do anything, suck our cocks daily, fuck us, but most importantly not bother you. Don’t be surprised if they start to become nice and ask you if there is anything you need, any help handling anything.  When you go to the bathroom, locker room and no-one is around they will ask if they can help you handle anything.  They may even be extra nice, offer to help you with homework and say to come over.  It’s simple; they want cock badly and know that you can be their cover. 

Last year this happened several times and the guy was over the other guys’ house almost everyday tutoring him on Geometry.  During the lesson; they would get close to the other guy, put their hands on their leg and ask them if there is anything else they need help with.  After that, they will say very quietly; don’t worry it will be our little secret; moreover, they gently unzip the guys’ pants.  Pressto, an instant loyal reliable no drama cock sucker. 

Kool said, Kevin.  Now Kevin are there any guys you would like to know what kind of meat they are packing in their pants. Moreover, We have the whole book here, and over ninety percent of them will get into trouble and can make that instant loyal cock sucker for you.

Guys, I have one last question guys.  Yea what Kevin.  Why did you pick me?  We saw you in class and we caught you adjusting your crotch a few times when around dudes but never did it around women; so we thought your cock could use some good service and might enjoy giving it back too. Hence, this was Kevin’s experience on his first day at high school.

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