Masturbation Tip 1

Do you ever want to wank your cock and jerk off list to male masturbation tip 1 below. But maybe you feel you want more then just a quick tug and cum. Well; i hear you and I want to give you lots of fun ways to play with your...
March 19, 2020

Do you ever want to wank your cock and jerk off list to male masturbation tip 1 below. But maybe you feel you want more then just a quick tug and cum. Well; i hear you and I want to give you lots of fun ways to play with your cock, excite it, get it to pre-cum and then explode that yummy pre-cum all over the place

Lasting Longer

Did you know that if you take the time to play with you cock after some practice it will actually want to have more foreplay before it cums. I know it may seem hard to not jerk it right off but resist the urge it will be worth it. You will last longer; get even more horny, and some guys have been known to shoot more cum when they orgasm.

Give yourself foreplay don’t just wank your cock

Do you rush home or from the gym and just quickly take your clothes off to jerk yourself off in less then a minute. Does it always seem like you never have time to enjoy a true m4m orgasm. Maybe you should take some time and plan the time, the setting, what you will do. The goal to today’s jerk offs is to use technique like Masturbation Tip 1 below. Enjoy yourself, your cock, the feeling of being naked and every precious touch you make to your body.

Food can add excitement:

Here is a real fun one: go to the store and pick up a bunch of bananas if you don’t have any. When you are all alone I want you to take one of the bananas off and slowly peel down the skin from the banana. Next sit in a chair, be comfortable and keep a little of the skin still on the base of the banana.

Cock feel like its going to blow

Now I know just the thought of doing something new and exciting to your cock might be getting you really hard right now; that’s ok. If you feel you are getting to heated you can take a deep breath. Yeah; that didn’t work so go to your kitchen and get a few nice cold ice cubes and drop them into your underwear. Make sure you put your hands in there and position them well so one a few our under your balls. Take the other cubes and wedge them between your thick rod. Lastly I want you to take another cube and place it between your underwear band and the tip of your cock.

Ice your Cock and make it soft

Great now that you have the ice down your pants; let it take a few minutes to cool your cock down and get it nice and soft. After a few minutes undo your pants and take out the cubes your penis will feel really cold and not horny. Once you have dried yourself off from the moisture of the ice cubes; we are ready to begin.

Now close your eyes; put your head back, open your mouth and slide that cock I mean banana in and out of your mouth gently till you can push as far as your throat. Careful you may gag if you are not use to a big cock I mean banana in your mouth. Then after you have teased your mouth for few minutes you can eat that bananas.

Male masturbation tip 1 is to take the skin of the banana and put it in on a paper towel and place in your microwave for about 10-15 seconds on power five. Great; now when you take it out it will be hot so let it sit for a few minutes. When the banana is just warm; to your fingers, gently test to see if it is not to hot to touch the outside of your ear.

Be safe the temperature may be hot

Then if the temperate feels just warm on your ear; sit down on chair putting the banana on the napkin. Slowly; unbutton that bug belt you have on, unsnap your pants for me, then glide that zipper all the way down. You got it; now take your pants off. Excellent; now I want you to ease your briefs or jockeys down just enough so they cup the underside of your balls.Awesome; now lie back and slip that banana skin on your presumably hard cock; and gently glide it up and down. You can do it slow or fast doesn’t matter; mopping up all the yummy pre-cum in there. Play with your balls a little as you continue to stimulate your manhood. That’s it, you got it; then cum for me in that banana peel.

Buddy you still need to suck your cum

We are not done yet buddy; take that banana and suck that pre-cum and cum out of that cock, I mean banana and swallow it all, every last drop. Suck that banana skin like its a delicious cock allowing you to grab all the oozing of pre-cum and cum you deposited into a few minutes ago.

Male masturbation tip 1
Male masturbation tip 1; playing with you dick can be so much fun.

Playing with your dick can be so pleasurable when you take the time. Plan some time and can be all alone and enjoy the sensations of your fingers. I’m sure you remember a time when you wanted to cum but felt rushed to get it done and over-with. Did you know the reason many guys cum too quickly is because they have had a situation or two where they had to get it done quick before someone came in or before they had to go.

Male masturbation tip 1 (How to play with you cock)
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