Ryan’s First Camping Trip Turned into Fun

Ryan’s first camping trip is just another amazing story to read. However, read it completely and after that, you will surely enjoy. It was just after Thanksgiving and just recently receiving my Scout Rank in the Boy Scouts; I knew it was going be a great next year. I had...
February 20, 2020
Ryan's first camping trip
Stay warm with a naked guy and his cock touching your skin. Ryan’s first camping trip fetches him all the amazing feeling

Ryan’s first camping trip is just another amazing story to read. However, read it completely and after that, you will surely enjoy.

It was just after Thanksgiving and just recently receiving my Scout Rank in the Boy Scouts; I knew it was going be a great next year. I had to learn and recite from memory the scout oath, scout law, scout motto, outdoor code and explain what Scout spirit is. The easy part was learning and demonstrating how to perform the Scout sign, salute and participate in my first Scout Master Conference.  Then it was time to start getting my requirements filled for my next rank, Tenderfoot including but not limited to presenting myself to my Patrol Leader, preparing for an overnight trip and spending one night on a troop camp out. Seeing all these guys at meetings in their uniforms really gets my cock hard.

Thus; I got the list of all the equipment, clothing and travel gear I needed for my first Camping Trip which would be the Annual February Freezeout.  Two weeks after I got everything I needed and reviewed it with my Patrol Leader; I talked to Brian to confirm I had everything needed for the camping trip and he passed me. Brian was a few years older than me about 5 Ft, blond hair, blue eyes, and a pretty nice chest; oh yeah, he works out.  Brian always bossed me around a lot at meetings as he said this is just initiation and everyone goes through it.  A week before this trip; Brian assigned me different duties for the campout.  Also, Brian reviewed the time I should arrive with gear on and reviewed tenting assignments and he said I would be in his tent. 

It’s Friday night now, 5 PM and I had just gotten dropped off and was supposed to check in with Brian as he was my patrol leader and the person responsible for me on this trip.  Moreover, about 16 other scouts were going and eight of them were in my patrol and they all showed up with rugby shirts, and jeans.  When I got to the campsite; we had to do a lot of walking from the cars to the campground carrying all our camp gear for the weekend outing.  On my first camping trip, I took a tent, lantern and some canteens of water for our patrol and I couldn’t help but stare at other scouts nicely shaped fitting buts in their jeans. 

Moreover, most of the guys there had nice, tight, fit, firm buts and this made my crotch have a little tingle.  What was even more interesting is that while carrying things; very few of us could see below the chest as the equipment was blocking the view.  Luckily, I managed some glances at some very nice packages and they weren’t the kind your local carrier brings and you sign for them.  Everybody had on jeans, but some were so tight against their asses and their crotches I could even see their full-shafts without much effort.  However, other guys had a loose fit which made it easy to see their ass cracks every time they bent over to lift or whatever.

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After several hours of unloading it was just about dusk and Brian said we need to set up the tents before dark thus we hurried, unfolded, put support rods in the fabric, drove steaks around the tent to support it and then placed a tarp on it.  After that, we were all pretty tired but Brian told me and a few other guys to go get wood so we could make a fire and cook our dinner.  Walking in the woods with these three other hot guys I knew one thing, I wanted to explore what they had in their pants but I wasn’t sure how to do it just yet.

However, dinner was over and after singing some camp songs around the fire and roasting marshmallows it was almost time to turn in.  We had each got out a big stick, put a couple of marshmallows on it and then we started to roast till they were golden brown. Moreover, Brian told everyone else to get ready for bed as we had a long day hiking tomorrow and said that he and I would put out the fire.  After Brian and I made sure the fire was out, we went into our tent and figured because we were both exhausted; we would just go right to sleep. 

I get into my sleeping bag leaving all my clothes on since it was cold; Brian took off his Jeans and then got into his sleeping bag while still wearing his flannels.  Just as I was about to drift off, I feel Brian’s hand on my chest.  Not paying much attention; I continue to try to fall asleep but can’t because just then Brian brushes his hand against my wrist and my cock starts to tingle.  He then says do you want to be a real Boy Scout; I replied; “yes, sure I do”.  Great then do what I tell you; as someone once showed me a few years ago and I want to share my knowledge with you.

He puts his hand on my chest as my heart is beating very quickly and my dick is rapidly getting hard.  He starts to rub my chest and he says how does that feel; I reply I guess ok.  Good; now how about this and he squeezes my nipples and they become very sensitive to his touch and my penis starts to get wet in my underwear.  Then he rubs my chest around and around, side to side, up, down till I get relaxed.  I think he must have been massaging my chest for over 10 minutes and at the last minute, he rubs way down to where my stomach is just above the belt and waistline.  To be honest; I start to enjoy this and deeply relax.  Next, I get so relaxed I don’t even notice he is slowly dipping his fingers just under my belt line.

Another 10-15 minutes go by and again I just relax more.  My Dick is getting so Fucking hard, and wet by now.  After that, Suddenly I feel his fingertips touch my dick.  Shhh, he says; relax Ryan.  He proceeds to go deeper with those amazing fingers; rubbing my rod with them and my balls.  I let out a gentle moan and then he removes his hand from my underpants; whew that was fun; I said to myself it’s over what a relief.  After thinking he stopped, I relax deeper and then suddenly he undoes my leather belt, unsnaps my jeans.  Yea, he glides my zipper all the way down.  Then he yanks my jeans down and within a second he pulls my jockeys off too. Fuck, fuck I say to myself.

Now I’m going to show you what the Older Boys and Men in the patrol do on camping trips.  Gently his tongue starts at the base of my balls up my fucking hard shaft and licking the precum dripping out of my penis tip.  I never had felt this before; then he takes his beautiful mouth and sucks my head all the way down his throat.  Oh fuck Brian, fuck; I’ve been waiting for you to go on a camping trip with me for a long time.  You always had a nice package at the Meetings on display and just wanted to take you the men’s room and suck you so bad.

Hey Brian; can you show me yours; he tells me if you want it; come and get it. What do you mean? You want my fucking dick, come and take it out. As a result, I reach over and then I pull his flannels down but he still has underwear on. Moreover, I remove his slightly wet jockey briefs exposing that amazingly fucking, beautiful, thick, wet, juicy, cock.  Well, Ryan; do you need a fucking invitation; Suck my dick good and I might just let you put it up your hole.  What??? Oh that’s right you are new to this; I want to stick my cock so far up your hole.

I start very gently at Base of Brian’s Balls and lick up and down around his shaft and of course, that precum coming off his penis. Role over Ryan; he says to me why?  Just roll over and relax. Then he takes some lube applies it to his right-hand middle finger and then gently probes my ass hole.  He feels around my hole and I moan while he does this.  Great; now that you are all lubed up and open you are ready for the real thing.  What’s that I replied; he said my big dick; Ryan.  I don’t know? However, Brian reaches into his shirt pocket; pulls out a package opens it and then slides it over his shaft. 

After that, he asks me to sit on his chest; then he says to sit on his rod.  I start to feel his hard, wet rod, opening up my tight virgin asshole each time I sit down on his cock.  Then he says to move my but up and down as I glide his shaft.  Try to do it faster if you can. Oh, shit; not only am I getting fucked I am now cumming too as he penetrates my manhole.

Now; when I ask you to help me find something I lost in the woods; that’s code for I want to suck you off now.  If you ask someone for self soap while taking a shower; don’t be surprised if every guy comes over and starts soaping you up real good.  That’s kool; sure but it ends with each of them giving you a blow job and if you stick your finger in your hole while they are doing this; that means you want them to fuck you. Hence I will never forget my first camping trip.

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