M4M Hard Dick Erections Erections

M4M Means:

What does  M4M mean you see it on so many websites?

According internetslang and I quote is “Man looking for another man”

You will find this on variety of sites from those that are dating sites and other adult sites.  In short it refers to men looking to play around or wanting to see a hard dick erection, play  or date other men.  A newer version of this has recently come to the stage which is Bros4Bros. Guys with big hard dick erections are the icing to any guys day. Typically M4M are these are guys that are masculine and either may be contemplating whether they are straight or what type of lifestyle they want to lead.

Who are M4M:

M4M is all about allowing men of all ages to explore soft to hard dick experiences.  All men whether they are open about wanting to suck cock, slightly curious, anxiously get to a m4m huge hard dick erection.

Once any guy has a first time hard dick erection experience with another man he wants to do it again and again but sometimes wants to keep it on the down low.

M4M Sensual Love Making:

Guys love to have sensual love making that is so passionate between males it really bonds them.  A nice hot suck on the dick, sensual sex or perhaps a bit of sensual anal can really make a guys day.  Imagine being with a guy now and seeing his own hard dick erection.


Yes, a true m4m hard dick erection starts with that first glimpse of your eyes or perhaps a gentle touch.  With guys the touches are more like pushes but cocks get hard when the two touch.

Below you will bind all kind of stories but if you really want to get your underpants wet then schedule a call now with me.  Book Appointment Now!

March 26, 2020

Masturbation Tip 2

All Guys Enjoy Jerking Off All guys like to jerk off whether that is rolling your baloney, milking your rod, spanking the monkey, tugging your stick, charming the cobra, using your joystick, yanking your crank, tickling the pickle, teasing the weasel, waxing your rod, whacking off, shinning your pole, buffing...
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March 20, 2020

Milk more on farm gay in college

Looking for a summer job Our semester had just finished up at college and both Chad and I wanted to get a part-time summer job but the only thing we could find is to be helping hands on a local farm.  Chores on a farm for college guys is what...
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March 17, 2020

Blow and Trim at the Barber

My haircut after turning 21 Today was Thursday and I had just turned 21 as my Birthday was so much fun. However, all I kept thinking about was going to the barbershop and getting a haircut tomorrow.  I had gotten hair cuts many times before but tomorrow. Today though I...
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February 14, 2020

First Gay Experience of Joe during Trip to Phoenix M4M

First gay experience is the title of this story and I am sure you are going to enjoy this. The story may be lengthy but to enjoy fully have the patience to read it. Subsequently, you will come to know that the first gay experience is always something special. It...
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February 7, 2020

Michael’s First Racquetball Class turned into Hot Class

Here, I am with another story about how the racquetball class turned into a hot class. I was a freshman at college and required to take a sports elective as part of the school’s curriculum.  Moreover, I hated gym in high school and although love sports, became extremely worried about...
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